Passages of The black cat

1. “I became a heavy drinker, and my need for alcohol soon grew into a terrible disease.” (16-17)
Think of reasons why a person can become a heavy drinker.

Problems and Nerves.

2. “I stopped taking care of them [the animals] and sometimes I was even cruel to them. But I was never cruel to Pluto.” (17)
Why do you think the man behaves differently towards Pluto? Does the cat have something different from the rest of the animals or the wife? Is it special for some reason? Does it represent something?

Because he start to drink.Yes, the cat have one eye and the others animals two eyes like any normal animal.

3. “There is something strange about the human heart. We humans seem to like hurting ourselves. Haven’t we all, a hundred times, done something stupid or evil just because we know we should not do it?” (18)
Do you agree? Can you empathize (understand, feel sorry for) with the narrator?

Yes,because he don´t realise that what he was doing.