His name is Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman he was born the 21 of february in hammersmith England.
Lamentably he died the 14 of january 2016 with 69 years old. His illness was pancratic cancer. He have a wife that is called Rima Horton. The first time that i saw him were when I was 1 year old in a movie

He have white hair, brown eyes, uses casual clothes , he is a old man tall and his occupation were an actor and director

He is a very good actor, he was very funny, loves acting, very intelligent and lovely

One of his hobbies obviously was acting, watching his movies and reading books

He won a BAFTA award for best actor in a supporting role, Golden globe award for the best actor, an MTV for best character etc. The movies who he appeared in Robin Hood, Alice in wonderland, The song of lunch etc. I think that is a very good actor I got too sad when he died I love his movies I will Always remember your hind patronus