I don´t want to be a wolf!

The teacher ask to write a story with the final part "That was the last time I ever saw him" with 200-300 words

I wake up in the morning and my boyfriend Tyler prepares the breakfast for me I feel very happy that I love him a lot! so I wake up and I get dressed because we have to go to the set of teen wolf yes, my boyfriend is an actor of a series and some movies so we enter to the car and when we arrive I feel very thankful because all the actors and actresses welcome me. This series is about that my boyfriend is a wolf and likes some other people in this series I am very scared when I see Tyler with the mask of wolf I really hate that because he comes and scares me so sometimes I don want to go to the set. My dream is to appear in one movie or something relationated with the cinema but I never dare but at 23:26 PM I received an Email to make the paper of the girlfriend of the wolf in the series. It wasTyler that sent my corriculum I love him a lot but I don´t want to go to act in this series he get angry,  Very angry! We get separated and that was the last time I ever saw him.