Pacific Ring Of Fire

The ring of fire is an area in the Pacific Ocean that goes from South America and North America to Eastern Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Now people know that on this area there are lots of active volcanoes and it is also near plates tectonic. As a consequence of this,  there is a lot of seismic activity..

  The most active volcanoes are found on the Ring Of Fire. People believe that the Pacific Ring of Fire has a total of 452 volcanoes which most famous and active are: Kilauea(People consider this one  the most active volcano in the world), Mt Fuji, Mt. Saint Helens, Mt. Rainier, Krakatoa, Mauna Loa, Galeras and Sangay. These are all volcanoes that people know well and some that could be very dangerous to the population nearby.

  Because of all the activity of the Pacific Ring of fire all the people that are near should be careful.  Adding to the danger is the snowy cap of the volcano which could make the dangers much worse. The santa Maria in Guatemala has shown her power as this was the most catastrophic eruption. This volcano is called stratovolcano and erupted close to a hundred years.

  The plate tectonics movements are the ones that had changed the Ring Of Fire through the time and the ones why the hard earthquakes of the Pacific are made "In short, South America moves westward about 8 centimeters every year," calculates the seismologist Karl Koch. The Pacific Plate hits the nearby plates and because of this they sink. Then the crust melts and transforms into magma that goes out through volcanoes or that make other volcanoes.

  If you live near  the pacific Ring of fire you already know how dangerous  it is and all the things that could happen.  90% of the earthquakes known are from the pacific Ring Of fire then, a volcano can erupt and it is very dangerous.

Done by Mayra Melina Schliemann, Trinidad Luz Rodriguez Ricchiuti y Florencia Ginocchio