Literary essay about "The prison"

This story "The Prison" by Bernard Malamud is about a man called Tommy Castelli that works in a candy store with his wife Rosa and the title is because he feels in prison working in the candy store and being married with Rosa. In this essay those themes which are life as a prison and hope for a change will be analysed.

The theme life as a prison represents the life of Tommy Castelli because working at the candy store was like a prison because because he did not like that job he always wants to be shoemaker and being married with the girl did not like. "you could never see the sky outside or the ocean because you were in prison, exeept nobody called it a prison"

Hope for a change is a theme because he Hopes the little girl to change and stop stealing chocolates, so she does not ruin her life like him. Also it refer to his life that he hopes his life changes. "Yet he could not convince himself that what he felt he must do was important"

In this essay those themes which, are life as a prison and hope for a change were explained. In my opinion Tommy Castelli must do whatever he wanted, and get separated and stop workingat the candy store and with Hope for a change I really think that he must care about the girl.