FCE Writing Practice Test 1

In Language class we practice for FCE Writing:

                   Pre Writing


Then we were told to write a story with some conditions :

Simple Past (4 Examples)

Past Continuous (4 Examples)

Past Perfect (2 Examples)

Direct Speech (3 Examples)

Connectors (6 Examples)

Good descriptive adjectives (7 Examples)

Number of words 150-180

The Kidnapping

When he found his seat on the plane, Sam recognized the person who was sitting in the seat next to him. Suddenly, all his memories of that kidnapping came back to his mind. He remembered a well built man with green eyes and light skin. He was Marcos! He was his business associate! Why did he do that? He woke up tied to a chair in the boss office.

Before he could realize he was stopping the line, the people had already complained to the plane crew. He was sitting down, When he noticed that his Ex-Friend was sitting next to him and was staring at him. Consequently,

He said:


Two seconds before, Marcos had stared at his shoes, Shy, On the contrary, now he was staring at his eyes. Now he could see his bright, good looking, and blue eyes.
“I tried to stop myself. I am mean, I know” , he said

“I also know! You were not trying. I don’t believe you” He said back.